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Michael Vogel

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Services Of Global Intercom:

Complete website development. Since 1999.

Global Intercom is a long established a web development company. Our niche is designing websites for politicians and campaign sites for political candidates.

We don’t need to convince you on the importance of having a professional-looking website. As an elected politician or candidate, information on your website must be easily accessible and cleanly laid out. Global Intercom specializes in political / government websites. We have the experience and knowledge on what works in this specialized medium of information delivery.  

Although campaign / elected official websites is our forte, many of our clients are also private companies. We are equally interested in taking on your company as a client and delivering to you a high quality website.

About us: Global Intercom is a Canadian company - we have developed sites for representatives at all three levels of Canadian government (Civic, Provincial and Federal). We have also worked with a subsidiary organization of the United Nations. Websites for major parties and independent candidates are all part of our portfolio.

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Global Intercom:
  • Complete website development (site build, domain registration, site hosting, site updates)
  • Refresh / update / rebuild an existing website
  • Consultations on improving your current website
  • Webpage logo design
  • Flash Intros

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